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Vajrayogini Retreat: Exploring the Sublime Path to Bliss

Elaine Jackson

April 29 - May 3, 2020


Strictly Highest Yoga Tantra Initiates Only (see “Prerequisites” sections below for further information on what is required.)


Silence Level

Partial silence (we will ease into silence, depending on consensus.)


What is it?

The Highest Yoga Tantra practice of Vajrayogini is held to be especially effective in “degenerate times” as it skillfully cuts through ignorance and cultivates profound wisdom, love and compassion.


In this 5-day retreat, through the power of meditation, we will delve into each of the eleven yogas of this practice,  in order to unpack its meaning. We will explore the many visualizations and experience the various positive states of mind they engender. We will observe how the eleven yogas of Vajrayogini cut through our ordinary view of reality and bring us ever closer to an enlightened state.


Please join us as we collectively share our experience of this practice and offer support to one another. Immersing ourselves in the true meaning of this very profound practice, we can discover the truth of reality. We look forward to sharing this ancient practice with you.


Prerequisites & Essential Registration Instructions:

This is a “Highest Yoga Tantra” retreat, which is an advanced class of Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice that experienced Tibetan Buddhist practitioners embark upon once they are sufficiently grounded in the 3 Principal Aspects of the Path.  This being the case, only suitably qualified candidates are invited to attend this retreat. Registration is password protected. To obtain a password, please first email our office (using the email address listed below) to demonstrate that you meet the following prerequisites:


1) You must have received at least one of the following Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments a)Kalachakra b) Yamantaka c)Heruka d) Guhyasamaja e) Hevajra.


2)  You must have attended a Vajrayogini Jenang (subsequent permission ceremony).


In order to register for the retreat, please first email us at office@vajrapani.org to:

1a) state which of the above-mentioned Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments you have received and 1b) provide the name of your preceptor for this Empowerment.


2a) confirm that you have received the Vajrayogini Jenang  (subsequent permission ceremony) and 2b) provide the name of your preceptor for the Vajrayogini Jenang.


Once you have emailed us the above-stated information from you and we have verified its accuracy to our satisfaction, we will supply you with a password to access the registration web page for this retreat. 


Additional Information

If you are interested in serving as Course Liaison for this retreat, please apply here.

Fees (includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, and facility costs)

The base fees listed above reflect the true cost of hosting visitors and are higher as a result. If you are financially able, we encourage you to please pay these fees.  That said, we also offer subsidized fees designed to allow as many people as possible to attend. These fees are supported by generous contributions to Vajrapani Institute. You can access those fees by using a discount code that will be provided to you at registration checkout. The accommodations are the same for both options.

10% membership discounts are also applicable for members (please contact the Main Office)

Financial Aid/ Scholarships

We want to make retreat available to everyone. With this in mind, we will gladly work out a payment plan with you.If you need even more assistance, we offer several scholarships. Please note that the scholarship deadline is one month before retreat begins.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the guidelines for payment plans and/or scholarships, please email the Office at office@vajrapani.org

Teacher’s fees

Traditionally, spiritual teachings are considered priceless; remuneration of our teachers is not included in the fee information detailed on this page. Instead, we invite you to consider bringing a cash donation with you to express your gratitude for the teachings. Participants get a chance to present a cash offering to the teachers on the last day of the retreat and this is supplemented by a donation from Vajrapani Institute. Please note that we don’t offer a credit card option for teacher’s fees.



Elaine Jackson
Elaine Jackson is a founding member of Vajrapani Institute and has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism since 1977. She has studied with many of the greatest Buddhist teachers of our time including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Thubten Yeshe, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche and many others too numerous to list. Elaine is known for the warmth and humor with which she teaches. In particular, she loves sharing the wealth of practical insights she has gained from her years of retreat and service within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Elaine served as Executive Director of Vajrapani Institute…
Learn more about Elaine Jackson
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