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Date & Time Details: August 4th, 2019 You are welcome to attend Big Love Day in Full or in Part. *If you are planning on coming for lunch, you'll have the opportunity to RSVP when you register online* 10:30 am: Medicine Buddha Puja 11:30 am: Big Love Day Welcome 12:00 pm: Lunch 1:00 pm: Public Talk with Ösel Hita 1:00-4:00 pm: Enjoy a Variety of Fun Activities Throughout the Day! 4:00 pm: Big Love Day Close

Big Love Day Community Celebration with a Talk from Tenzin Osel Hita

August 4, 2019

Register here (for free) for our Annual Community Celebration: Big Love Day (Sunday August 4th, 2019)

Big Love Day is about the cultivation of family feeling (or ‘pamly peeling,’ as Vajrapani Institute co-founder Lama Yeshe used to say.) Participation is free of charge: it’s our way of saying: “Thank you!”  We warmly extend our “Big Love Day” invitation to all members of our community, as well as to all newcomers. This is a day of community celebration and of fun activities including free massage, bodywork and astrology readings, games, walking in Nature, art projects, a delicious vegetarian meal, live music, singing, dancing, story-telling and more. We hope you can make it.

What’s “Big Love” & why’s this year’s “Big Love Day” extra special? 

“Big Love” is a phrase deeply associated with our co-founder, Lama Yeshe (1935 to 1984); in fact his biography, which is due to be published soon, also features these words in its title. Big Love Day is also a way for us to remember and celebrate the vast heart energy, wisdom and compassion of our organization’s founders, Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Where would we be without them?

This year’s “Big Love Day” is extra-special as it happens to fall on a really auspicious date on the Tibetan Buddhist calendar: the day commemorating the first teachings that Buddha shared with the world after attaining Enlightenment. We’re also delighted to announce that Ösel Hita, (the recognized incarnation of FPMT’s founder, Lama Thubten Yeshe) has kindly agreed to offer a talk at 1:00 PM. This will surely be one of the highlights of the day and we are more than delighted that Ösel is joining us!

Big Love Day Schedule 

10:30 AM: Medicine Buddha Puja in the upstairs Gompa in our Main Building. This is an opportunity to dedicate positive energy and prayers towards the well-being of loved ones as well as all those names on the Vajrapani Institute prayer list.

11:30 AM: Official Launch of Big Love Day at the Enlightenment Stupa.

12:00 noon: a delicious vegetarian offering prepared lovingly by our fabulous kitchen team. (*If you are planning on coming for lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to RSVP when you register online.* This will help us in knowing how many people to cook for!)

1:00 PM: Public Talk with Ösel Hita. (All those wishing to attend this talk need to arrive at Vajrapani Institute by 11.30 am at the latest, so you have time to park and get oriented.)

Please stay to enjoy a variety of entertainments and activities scheduled through the afternoon till the day closes at 4:00 PM.

Ongoing Afternoon Activities 

  • Massage and energy work
  • Games
  • Nature Walk
  • Astrology Readings
  • Prayer flag and mandala art projects
  • Music at the Stupa

Big Love Day Close: 4:00 PM

Additional Information

  • Please plan on arriving by 11.30 AM if you want to enjoy lunch with us and/or you wish to attend Ösel Hita’s  1:00 PM talk.
  • Please plan on departing by approximately 4:00 PM
  • As parking is very limited, please try to carpool
  • Volunteers are more than welcome. We need parking volunteers, dish-washing volunteers, arts and craft activity volunteers and book stall volunteers. Please check the yes box on the registration process if you are open to offering service in this way. We will contact you approximately 2 weeks prior to Big Love Day with details of your specific role. Thank you!

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