Elaine Jackson

Elaine Jackson is a founding member of Vajrapani Institute and has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism since 1977. She has studied with many of the greatest Buddhist teachers of our time including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Thubten Yeshe, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche and many others too numerous to list. Elaine is known for the warmth and humor with which she teaches. In particular, she loves sharing the wealth of practical insights she has gained from her years of retreat and service within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Elaine served as Executive Director of Vajrapani Institute for over five years and has also completed a three-year meditation retreat. She lives a contemplative life off-the-grid in the Santa Cruz mountains while offering Dharma teachings and meditation support.

Testimonials about Elaine:
“Elaine’s teachings touched me deeply. She embodies the spirit of the teachings.” (Andrea – New Years Retreat 2018)
“Elaine has changed the trajectory of my life.” (Jamie – New Years Retreat 2018)

Events with Elaine Jackson

Vajrayogini Retreat: Exploring the Sublime Path to Bliss
April 29, 2020

Level Strictly Highest Yoga Tantra Initiates Only (see “Prerequisites” sections below for further information on what is required.)   Silence Level Partial silence (we will ease into silence, depending on consensus.)   What is it? The Highest Yoga Tantra practice of Vajrayogini is held to be especially effective in “degenerate times” as it skillfully cuts through ignorance and cultivates profound wisdom, love and compassion. . In this 5-day retreat, through the power of meditation, we will delve into each of the eleven yogas of this practice,  in order to unpack its meaning. We will explore the many visualizations and experience the various positive…

Finding Greater Ease: Introduction to Meditation
August 13, 2020

“This retreat was very relaxing, rejuvenating and inspirational. I needed help getting back on my spiritual path, and that’s exactly what I found.” (Pam C, Intro to Meditation Participant, Feb 2020) Level Beginner and Above Silence Level Partial Silence Who is it for? This retreat is intended for beginners wishing to receive practical guidance on how to bring greater ease and joy into their lives with the help of a Buddhist meditation practice. It will also provide an overview and a taste of the various types of meditation practice that exist within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Those who are not…

New Year's Vajrasattva Purification Retreat
December 28, 2020

“Truly an amazing place to recharge and do retreat … A great place to start a New Year.” Doris L, Vajrasattva New Year’s Retreat Participant, Jan 2020 Level All Levels Silence Level Partial silence What is it? The path to enlightenment is a gradual, proven process whereby one’s mind is transformed to abide in never-ending contentment. In Tibetan Buddhism, this is called wisdom – a deep knowing of reality, as it is, through direct perception. Most of us operate from profound ignorance, a solid mis-knowing. This ignorance – that happiness and unhappiness come from somewhere “out there” – blocks us from…