Preparing for Your Facility Rental

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Does Vajrapani need my groups schedule?
When should we arrive and depart?
What should our meal times be?
Are there any restrictions on when we can use the facilities?

General Schedule Info

The Facility Rental Manager will want to check your schedule a few weeks ahead of time to make sure that it is workable and to share it with the staff. We would appreciate it if you would send it to us as soon as you have it planned it.

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Arrival and Departure

We recommend that your teacher and organizers arrive early the first day, before the students. Judging from past experience, three hours ahead is probably the safest minimum.

We are flexible regarding when to begin registration and your first session. In general, however, the following schedule seems to work well:

  • 3 to 6pm - Welcoming and Registration

  • 6pm - Dinner

  • 7pm - Introductory session


Meal Times

We offer your group flexibility in setting meal times as well. To help ease the load on our cooks, we ask that you schedule:

  • Breakfast to be served after 7:30am
  • Lunch to be served at least 4 hours after breakfast. (e.g. if your breakfast is at 8am, schedule lunch at or after 12pm.)
  • Dinner whenever you like
  • Meal times to last at least 1 hour to include ample time for helping with clean- up.


There are no restrictions on when you can use the facilities. We want you to feel like Vajrapani is your home, so the building and grounds will be open to you 24/7.

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