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Shine Retreat with Ven. Choden Rinpoche and Ven. Rene Feusi Print E-mail


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This was an amazing retreat with commentary by one of the great Shiné masters of our time and one of our most experienced western meditation guides.

Shiné or calm abiding meditation creates a stable foundation in the mind where realizations on the path can take root and we can discover the depths of our human consciousness.  Although Shiné is a Buddhist approach to training the attention, it is accessible and beneficial to anyone who engages in it, regardless of religious or ideological leanings.

The program included commentary by Choden Rinpoche for the first portion of the retreat.  The actual retreat itself and meditations were guided by Ven. Rene Feusi.


Teachings with Kyabje Choden Rinpoche 


NOTE: Sessions 1 and 2 were so powerful that our equipment failed slightly during recording. These files have been salvaged and contain some minor omissions. We are confident these files can be restored and will re-post them when they are.



Choden Rinpoche Sessions (MP3)


icon Session 1 (45.18 MB)

icon Session 2 (111.25 MB)

icon Session 3 (99.13 MB)

icon Session 4 (111.94 MB)


Teachings and Meditations with Ven. Rene Feusi


Shine Teachings



Shine Teachings (MP3)


icon How does Shine (Calm Abiding) fit into the path? (7.52 MB)

icon Mindfulness of the Body and Relaxation (6.26 MB)

icon Loving Your Object (7.78 MB)

icon Removing Laxity when using the Nature of Mind as an Object (1.38 MB)

icon How to tell your Shine level when using the Nature of the Mind (8.85 MB)

icon How to Apply Antidotes to Specific Untamed Minds (38.3 MB)

icon Q&A Montage (Silent Questions - See Video) (22.24 MB)


Shine Meditations (MP3 ONLY):

icon How to Start a Shine Session (7.39 MB)

icon Instructions for using the Breath as an Object (5.32 MB)

icon Instructions for using a Mental Image as an Object (8.41 MB)

icon Instructions for using the Nature of the Mind as an Object (23.08 MB)

icon Emptiness of the Mind Meditation and Shouting Phet to Dispel Dullness (23.2 MB)


Lam Rim Teachings

Lam Rim Teachings (MP3)

icon Enlightenment is a long road but it is possible (37.74 MB)

icon Three categories of Buddha's Teachings (13.19 MB)

icon Seeing Problems as Good (Mind Training) (10.2 MB)

icon How to Develop Devotion (6.91 MB)

icon Emptiness Teachings (20.04 MB)


Lam Rim Mediations (MP3 ONLY):

icon Contemplating Suffering to Generate Refuge (11.17 MB)

icon Generating A Compassionate Motivation (6.99 MB)

icon Generating Bodhicitta (20.71 MB)

icon Emptiness I (19.09 MB)

icon Emptiness II (25.08 MB)

icon Emptiness III (17.85 MB)

icon Guided Session of Lama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga (46.94 MB)