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DONATEMaking statues and images of one's spiritual master is one of the best methods to create vast amounts of positive potential. In February 2011, when asked how to create the causes for Vajrapani Institute to further flourish and benefit beings, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Vajrapani's Spiritual Director, recommended us to commission another statue of our founder, Lama Thubten Yeshe. He put us in touch with Gelongma Jamyang Wangmo who had just started on such a project.

Lama yeshe's statue at vajrapani institute retreat center in the greater bay areaGelongma Jamyang Wangmo is the same artist who painted Lama's Tara Tangka, now displayed in Vajrapani's meditation hall. Her vision is to make a statue that would most closely resemble Lama Yeshe. To do so, she is working in partnership with the Thai Human Imagery Museum near Bangkok who use fiberglass technology to create remarkable life-like statues.

At the end of a long long night of initiation in March 2011 at Vajrapani, Lama Zopa Rinpoche added that Vajrapani's future new meditation hall should contain one-thousand statues of Lama Yeshe! This statue will act as the prototype for smaller ones to be made available to students.



To create a life-like and lifesize statue of Lama Yeshe to inspire students and generate vast stores of merit to support the flourishing of Vajrapani Institute.

Project Status:

First payment to museum made. Gelongma Jamyang Wangmo working with museum to create wax model before proceeding to casting in fiberglass.

Next steps:

To check wax model with Lama Zopa Rinpoche once completed. To generate funds for Phase II and III.

Estimated Cost:

  • Total estimated budget: $20,000
  • 400,000 Thai bahts (approximately $13,000)
    • First installment completed ($5,000)
    • Second installment of $5,000 due Q1 2012
    • Final installment due upon completion
  • Shipment $3,500
  • Installation at Vajrapani $3,500


Two year process. Completion due Q1 2013.